Planning a Planting: The Project – Where do I start?


So there is an area in your landscape that needs to be renovated.  You no longer enjoy caring for the plantings and your gardening hobby has become a chore.  What to do. . .

You’ve thought about this project for quite some time.  Newsletters and blogs have been studied, garden centers have been toured and local gardens admired.  You’re ready to invest some sweat equity but are unsure where to start.

Whether it’s a rough sketch or a professional design, the best advice is to start with a plan.  It’s much easier to make corrections on paper before beginning a project than it is to move landscape materials around after the fact.  Heavy trees and stones can’t be moved about like board game pieces!  Not only is this difficult, but its not very productive.

A plan is where your thoughts become real.   Its where all of the ideas get sorted and arranged. Plant locations are assigned and specific plant varieties are chosen.  A plan enables you to order & estimate the quantities of materials and to anticipate the costs involved.

Next post we’ll discuss a few thoughts that go into developing an effective plan.