Landscape Design and Installation

Imagine the possibilities

Picture your ideal garden. What do you dream of experiencing there? Working with professional landscape design and installation principles, Lifestyle Landscaping can help you achieve the garden environment where you can live your best life.

All of us at Lifestyle Landscaping are an energetic team of quality-obsessed, award-winning craftspeople, motivated to produce naturalistic, plant-rich spaces that encourage families to gather, friends to talk and pollinators to visit.

Peaceful circular sitting area across walkway over water feature
This water feature received a 2014 Honor Award from the Ohio Landscape Association.

Collectively, our designers have more than 100 years of experience. Whether you’re renovating an existing landscape, trying to fix and beautify a “problem yard”, or want to design an all new garden space from scratch, our creativity and vast plant knowledge is a game-changer. We are exceptional at translating your needs and dreams into beautiful spaces. You new gardens will make your breath catch with awe, and embody the aesthetic integrity, functional utility and trouble-free durability you deserve.

Our skillful installation professionals get emotionally invested in each garden we build! We truly care about how it looks and feels. We give a piece of ourselves to every project because we want you to absolutely love what we create.

We’re in this together.

Our professionals approach every landscape design and installation process like the beginning of a long-term partnership. From day one, we collaborate with you to create a successful project personalized to your preferences and budget. And after your project is complete, we stay committed to you as your trusted advisor. We’re with you for the long term, offering expertise to ensure your garden investment matures and develops just as the original design intended.

Built upon a foundation of trust, our relationships with our beloved clients have given us the ability to consistently produce award-winning landscapes in the Cleveland area for over 40 years.

We also happen to love what we do – and our clients have noticed:

Just wanted to tell you how much I love my side yard, such a great design!!! I also wanted to thank you so much for selecting Mike and Dan to work on this project. They were fantastic translating the landscape plan into a real life! They were very professional and great to interact with!! I’m so happy with your company! Thank you again so much.

Interested in getting started on a project?

Call us at (440) 353-0333. Or you can use the convenient form here, to let us know how we can help make your garden vision a reality.

“The Birds and The Bees”: Preserving and Supporting Ecological Diversity

Perhaps you have heard that songbirds, monarch butterflies, and other pollinator species are on the decline. How can you build a garden that can support and preserve these important species?

Let’s talk native plants! To provide the sustainability and stewardship you desire, we can design and build you a “plant community”. Centered on the living relationship between your landscaping plants, these special designs goes way beyond decoration. Native plant gardens attract and benefit pollinators, reduce storm water runoff, and require substantially less intensive upkeep.

Lifestyle Landscaping is one of only a handful of professional garden and landscape designers and maintenance providers in Northeast Ohio with the commitment to encouraging the ecological abundance necessary to help the planet’s species, and the deep knowledge of the scientific principles to make it a reality.

Interested in transitioning off of high-maintenance, high-input landscaping?

Our native plants initiative can help. Give us a call or send us a message to talk about the birds and the bees!