How much does landscaping cost?

The short answer is, it depends. Projects can range in cost from a few thousand dollars to well-over half a million. The best solution is to call us.  We will meet with you at your site and discuss the options and solutions that will benefit you and your family the best. The good news is, that whatever your budget may be, we can develop a creative, realistic landscape solution that will fit within it.

What are some of the benefits of working with a landscape company that offers full service?

Great question. The biggest benefit to working with us is that you have one point of contact, your designer/salesperson.  Your landscape designer works closely with you to develop a personalized landscape plan for your property.  He then guides the installation of your project so that it comes together beautifully, just as the design intended.

Maintaining your landscape is critical to its long-term success.  That’s why your original designer/salesperson will continue to be there, long after your project is finished, to recommend and identify specific maintenance work that needs to be performed to keep your landscape healthy, inviting and focused. This continuous, hands-on approach safeguards your initial landscape investment. Many of our landscape design/installation projects have been maintained by our PlantCare maintenance team for over thirty years now!

My yard is a complete mess. It’s embarrassing. I know I have to do something, but I don’t know where to start. Can you still help me?

Yes we can. We have been on thousands of properties across Northeast Ohio prior to seeing yours, and it’s probably not as bad as you think. And, if it really is that bad, then the transformation of your landscape will be that much more dramatic when we’re done!  You can see the kind of transformation that is possible for problem yards and neglected landscapes here.

Each property is different and the needs of each client vary widely, so the best answer is to just contact us, let us come out to look (we promise we won’t judge) and we can put together a plan of action to accomplish your goals for the landscape that fits your time frame and budget.

I want to renovate my landscaping, but I can’t afford to make all the changes at one time.  What should I do?

Your best strategy would be to let one of our award-winning designers organize everything you want to accomplish with your landscape into one, cohesive master plan. You can then implement the plan in phases. Guided by the master plan, each phase of construction is one step closer toward finishing your project. This is an excellent way to create the landscape you want that stays within your allocated budget.