Whether it is a retaining wall, a sandstone or brick patio, a stone walkway, steps that navigate your hillside, or a creative vision like the “boat” below, stonework can add natural beauty and functionality to your landscape.

Living Landscapes

Aren’t all landscape designs “living landscapes,” you ask.  Well, actually, many landscapers focus on elaborate construction and forget about the plants.  At Lifestyle, we love the colors, the textures and the health benefits of plants.

Water Features

Waterfalls    Tranquil Ponds     Bubbling Rocks     Streams There’s something about water that draws our attention to it. Maybe it’s the sound, maybe it’s the color, or even the smell, but there’s something undeniably soothing about it.

Outdoor Living

A backyard landscaping – your own personal retreat.  Or how about a rooftop refuge.  Grab a cup of coffee and the morning news, or a glass of wine and a good friend, and enjoy, relax, think, heal.  


The path from one area to another in your landscaping can take many forms.  Depending on the area, your landscape style and preferences, a walkway may be a brick sidewalk, a mossy sandstone walkway or a casual gravel path.

Lake Erie Gorgeous Refuge

As a premier landscape contractor in the Cleveland area, we’ve had the privilege of working on some very impressive properties. This upscale residence sits quietly overlooking Lake Erie. The mature trees lend themselves well to walkways featuring stone materials in various sizes, while large flower beds boast colorful displays creating a tranquil area for relaxation.  

Outdoor Patio Rebuild

Campbell patio renovation, after image

Before… (click any image for a more detailed view) Before construction, this tiny patio space was uneven and undersized. Note how badly the old patio was settling on the left side. … and After! After, the spacious sandstone patio is now ready for summer entertaining. The new patio we designed and installed is now appropriately-sized and level.

Entry Walkway Renovation

Before… (click either image for a more detailed view) Before renovation work, a cramped entry walk & overgrown shrubs blocked the view to front door. … and After! After renovation was completed, the generous, extended walk leads to an inviting entry garden.

Extensive Landscape Revisioning

Before… (click any image for a more detailed view) Before renovation, neglected plantings and undersized beds detracted from this home’s potential. The home’s overall appearance suffered from a drab exterior and lack of plantings. Visitors had to deal with a gnarly weed patch and an extremely narrow walkway. … and After! A weeping redbud in a stone-retained bed highlights the entry experience. … Read More