Outdoor Patio Rebuild

Campbell patio renovation, after image

Before… (click any image for a more detailed view) Before construction, this tiny patio space was uneven and undersized. Note how badly the old patio was settling on the left side. … and After! After, the spacious sandstone patio is now ready for summer entertaining. The new patio we designed and installed is now appropriately-sized and level.

Entry Walkway Renovation

Before… (click either image for a more detailed view) Before renovation work, a cramped entry walk & overgrown shrubs blocked the view to front door. … and After! After renovation was completed, the generous, extended walk leads to an inviting entry garden.

Extensive Landscape Revisioning

Before… (click any image for a more detailed view) Before renovation, neglected plantings and undersized beds detracted from this home’s potential. The home’s overall appearance suffered from a drab exterior and lack of plantings. Visitors had to deal with a gnarly weed patch and an extremely narrow walkway. … and After! A weeping redbud in a stone-retained bed highlights the entry experience. … Read More